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meemorder is an easy to use platform to run, manage and grow your business online. You can create your online store, add products, manage inventory, accept online payments, and do much more. It’s the simple and fastest way to take your business to next level. meemorder comes pre-integrated with payment, and fully loaded with all eCommerce features. You can simply add this to your social media handles, your website, your campaigns, messaging, and emails and start getting orders

Yes, you can customize your online store. You can choose from a range of themes that match your brand and make your store stand out.

No, you don’t need to be technically skilled to run an online business on meemorder. Meemorder makes it easy for everyone to launch an online business and grow it using a suite of marketing tools and plugins.

The entire customer journey is available in both English and Arabic. Depending on the language selected in the customer’s device, the person will view the user interface in Arabic or English.

You can use the meemorder link anywhere on the web, including Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, TikTok, WhatsApp, Google My Business, SEM, Youtube, etc.
You can also add the meemorder link to Emails, In-App ads, SMS, PR(digital) articles, Influencer campaigns, etc. For your offline audience, the meemorder link can be added to QR codes used for contactless dining or brochures.

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